Red Bull Media House and Travis Rice produced their second snowboarding film 'Fourth Phase'. We where commissioned to Manage and Produce the UK Premiere of the World Tour. We decided to hold the event at the BFI on the iconic south bank. The film is based on Travis' motivation to follow the hydrological cycle through Northern Pacific. Based on this brief we brought the hydro cycle to the guests at the South Bank. High quality projectors beamed out and  gently transformed the reception through the hydrological cycle until it's peak of snowfall which all the skilled boarder's where searching for.  As 007 did in the 'World is not Enough' Travis arrived at the venue on a speedboat to the awaiting crowd. The 450 seater cinema was packed full of fans awaiting the exclusive premier of the highly anticipated second film.  The buzz from the Q+A and post film entertainment made for an amazing night.

Production Included: Location Source + Hire - Equipment Hire - Commission of Crew + Creative Team - Prop Sourcing - Catering - Travel + Accommodation - Music - Security + Speedboat