We were brought on board by Exposure London to bring together Simba's first global advertising campaign featuring possibly one of the most advanced footballers in the World Gareth Bale. The shoot took us to Madrid where we filmed the content for Simba's concept air seat pod and also the main ATL advertising campaign which was supported by a huge media buyout around the world.

Film - Directed by Dael Poulter and captured in one continuous sequence, JDPL were challenged to produce a large scale set build based on an abstract representation of a plane cabin, which would seamlessly merge with the exceptionally designed and manufactured air seat pod.

Stills - Shot by Ben Duffy, comprised of the Hero ATL shot of Gareth levitating above a de-compartmentalised Simba mattress and Media shots to support the moving image content. We worked closely with Ben to make sure every element was perfectly organised and how we managed to levitate Gareth above the mattress is between him and us...

Full Production Included: Location Source - Set Build - Equipment Hire - Commission of Crew + Creative Team - Prop Sourcing - Catering - Travel - Accommodation



The Simba Air-Hybrid - The World's Most Advanced Airline Seat